Poll: Is intelligent/ programmable Auto ISO an important feature for future FW updates?

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I'll tell you why

braeside wrote:

Bernie Ess wrote:

I am not a programmer, but honestly: common sense tells me that it can only by relatively trivial to fix.

Everything the camera needs to do is already there.

- change ISO automatically

- listen to a maximum (longest allowed) shutter time

- adapt shutter time accordingly to the light.

The only difference being, that so far, the maximum shutter limit is calculated from the focal length of the attached lens, with an additional multiplication factor of 1,5. It is a dynamic parameter.

With the asked feature the firmware would have to replace the dynamic parameter (focal length x 1,5) by a user defineable fixed value (minimum set by user, let's say to 1/100s).

Maybe someone with knowledge in firmware programming can comment as for how much programming would be required to do it.

My guess: One afternoon for a programmer, including testing, checking back and then test again. Optimizing the AF must be a much more complicated task by a order of multitude.


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Bernie, I understand all that, but we don't know how flexible their firmware is. I stand by my assertion that if it was possible they would have done it by this stage.

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The reason is simple.  The designers feel it would be confusing if you have only one constant min Auto-ISO  shutter speed. Once you put it there, people will start saying they want it automatically change when they switch lenses. That's why a single lens fuji have it and xpro doesn't.

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