Choosing an X-E or X-Pro - and finding that "rangefinder experience"?

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Re: Choosing an X-E or X-Pro - and finding that "rangefinder experience"?

robinj wrote:

I have been through the forum a fair few times and I still can't quite make up my mind.

I have a 5d2, but if I'm honest I'm not a SLR person.

I have an old summicron 50mm lens which I want to use. I'm more of a rangefinder person I guess.

So I'm pretty fixed on selling the 5d2 and getting an X-Pro or an X-E.

The store says the X-Pro is more of a "rangefinder experience" as I can see subjects slightly out of frame in the OVF. It has more of a rangefinder feel. But it costs a bunch more than an X-E.

I think one significant feature of a rangefinder is that the viewfinder is off to the side so you can see out of frame subjects with the eye that's not behind the camera. So the X-E should be fine, right?

So, given all that blather, my questions:

Does the X-E deliver a sufficient 'rangefinder experience' for you, given its way cheaper than the X-Pro? By that I mean speed and simplicity of handling, ability to manual focus fast, balance in hand, ability to frame subjects outside the viewfinder,etc.

And then, how do you find the EVF works with manual / Leica glass? Is the OVF really necessary to make the most of legacy lenses? Would I just be better off focusing off the back screen anyway?

I'm sorry to cover old ground, if it is old ground. If you know where I should be digging in the forum, please post a link? Thanks, your input would help a lot.

From my own testing, the X-pro is a natural viewfinder camera, the x-e1 is a natural LCD camera.

When I had x-e1 I ended up 100% using LCD while with XPRO1 I use 100% OVF. (I am not necessary saying one is better than other, and in fact i didn't really think too much about that, it come naturally)

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