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I've stepped up from compacts to DSLRs several years ago and loved the results. These days we saw so much advances in the mobile photograph technologies and even a smart phone can take great pictures. So I thought I would give compact camera another try in exchange for convenience.

I recently purchased the LX7 after an extensive comparison within the high-end compacts for technical specs(aperture, zoom ect.). I REALLY HATE the picture came out of it. It's even worse then some of the compact camera I used 5 years ago. The pictures are under-saturated, dull, low contrast, and slightly color-shifted. I searched around and see lots of pictures taken with LX7 has similar problem -- kinda like those low resolution mid 2000s digital cameras -- even in this forum.This should not happen on this kind of sophisticated camera which were meant to be a backup for the professionals.

But I'm not giving it up yet since I know the sensor and lens are all great on this camera, and all there's missing should just be some tweaking on the WB and picture profile controls. So could you guys share some experience with me on this? Which are the settings that can give you the best results?

Thanks a lot.

I agree about the LX7 jpegs, and I have no idea how to improve them because I shoot raw, and the photos look just fine if you use ACR and add a little contrast and vibrance over the default values. And usually, you need to add a little yellow and magenta to the camera-recommended color balance. Anyway, regardless of brand, one should always take the camera-recommended color balance as only a starting point and not the Gospel.

Well, thank for agreeing with the observations. Otherwise I would think it is only my camera....

I shot everything with a RAW and a jepg too, but I found the RAW from the camera is hard to adjust too. One thing is that there isn't a lot camera profile settings for LX to be loaded in ACR or LR. Second is just like you mentioned, the WB is off when out of the camera and it will be hard to adjust afterwards....

The camera has a setting to allow you to bias the color of the automatic white balance to be more yellow and magenta. You should try it.

The camera also has a "vivid" mode, and for each mode you can adjust the saturation and contrast.

So you MIGHT be able to change the default JPEGs to be more to your liking. I feel that the color balance is definitely bad on Panasonic, but the other aspects such as contrast and saturation are more of a matter of taste than of right and wrong.

All of the BEST photos you see have probably been post-processed and did not come out of the camera that way, regardless of brand or how expensive the camera. In fact, the more expensive the camera, the more the assumption is that the photos will be shot in raw and then post-processed.

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