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I am new to DSLR, especially zoom lenses. I just purchased a 6D with the 24-105L kit lens. Last night I was trying to take some photos of the stars and I noticed that if I merely put the manual focus all the way to infinity, the pics came out way out of focus... To achieve a suitable sharpness, I had to just barely touch the beginning of the infinity indicator. What puzzles me is this: what would I use the remaining focus adjustment on? Or, is my lens maybe out of alignment? It is only a few days old. Is this natural with these lenses?

Your lens is fine and all lenses can be out of focus at the extreme end. The infinity compensation mark is usually the point that will be close at normal temperature and infinity focus will change as temperature changes. Read your lens manual for their explanation.........pg 8

The best way to focus on the stars is using MF and Live View set at 10x and not rely on the infinity mark......

Thanks guys, I was worried that my lens might be off to some degree.  I did not receive a manual for the lens, but downloaded from the one you provided...much obliged.

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