Legacy Lenses - the good... the bad... the ugly?

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Re: Adapter in - Pics from Super-Takumar 55mm@f2

Domagoj Batinic wrote:

amalric wrote:

IMHO there are no ugly legacy lenses. Through a process of natural selection, the ugly ones have been thrown away even at the flea market.

That doesn't mean that a bit of studying their pedigrees does help to make better choices.

well, there are plenty ugly legacy lenses still around, and many newbies buy them without studying their pedigrees. then they get bad results with them and start to share on the forums dislike for using manual lenses

In this country they say: The Mother of the Idiots is always Pregnant. Does that prove anything?

Whiners and lamers make the largest part of a forum, some areas of the world providing a larger proportion, due to the drop in educational skills. What else does it prove?

Faulty logic at best.


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