Product Photography Lighting Question

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Re: Product Photography Lighting Question

Darrell Spreen wrote:

I think you've made big improvements. After seeing all your sample photos it is clear you were dealing mostly with reflections due to the placement of the lights (not so much the uniformity of the lighting which now looks quite good). I'd say you've solved it, but you will have to be careful with every shot because the reflections are probably going to show up if there is any shift in the angle of the object or the camera (note the top edge of the album).


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Thanks Darrell, I agree I will have to be careful. Maybe a hand held mirror would be helpful. I could hold it near the subject and reposition the camera and/or subject until I can't see any of the lights when looking through the viewfinder (screen). Just a thought. The top of the album is possibly reflecting the shop light near the ceiling. I suppose I could try turning off the room lights to see if that helps.

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