Cannot Remove Stored Credit Card Info at Adorama

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Re: Cannot Remove Stored Credit Card Info at Adorama

Shoeless Nose wrote:

The subject pretty much details it. I just made a purchase at Adorama and they already had my CC number/expiration date on file. Most every site I buy from allows one to make the choice whether or not you want this info stored and if they do store it without asking, there is the option to remove it in your account settings.

Not only does Adorama not give you that option, but when I called them to have the CC # removed, they said that it wasn't possible and suggested I email!

Has anyone else had this experience? Seems like there should be a law against this.

Adorama is represented here in these forums by Mr. Jerry Davis (Greenbaum).  Here is the link to his profile.  Sending him a PM might help.

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