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Re: 14mm over 12mm // what would you choose?

Tom Ames wrote:

Only looking for the 12mm. Was set to buy the Fuji 14mm, but must say it was a bit more pricey than I hoped it should be. While I still keep my Nikon system, I feel it is too much to pay for the 14mm. Yes, the 12mm Zeiss will probably cost approx. the same but it will be 12mm not 14mm and more worth it to me and my planned use for it.

Same opinion on the pricing.

The more I look, the more I'm leaning toward the 14mm over 12mm over because (order of importance):
1) size. The Zeiss looks big. I prefer to go lightweight on the X.
2) price. Zeiss will most likely be more expensive (yet to be seen)
3) Fuji optics. The 14mm is most likely optimised for the X (current samples are looking good so far)
On a side note, which set would you guys choose (ignoring availability issue)?
1) 10-24mm f/4
2) 14mm f/2.8 AND 23mm f/1.4

I'd love to have 23mm at f1.4 but I can see the second package doubles the cost.

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