Fujifilm XF1 RAW using (free) Adobe DNC 7.3

Started Feb 6, 2013 | Discussions thread
Mark H
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Probable reason...

RStyga wrote:

I've been trying to convert my XF1 RAW files using the latest free Adobe DNC (Digital Negative Convertor) ver. 7.3 and the converter insists on converting the 12MP RAF file into a 6MP DNG file, not a 12MP one. Any ideas, anyone, why?

My guess (without looking into it too deeply)...

I would suspect that the existing DNG standard may not fully/properly accommodate the unconventional EXR CFA layout.

Since the EXR CFA layout is effectively that of two interwoven Bayer CFA patterns, it's a very quick and easy compromise solution (for Adobe) just to convert the 12MP EXR RAW into a 6MP Bayer 'RAW'.

The unanswered question though - is, whether this conversion uses both '6MP halves' of the EXR RAW data, or simply discards one halve - hopefully, it would be the former (although that is not without some complications re EXR-DR - so possibly not).

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