Obama wouldn't let his son play football because of the violence....

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Re: Obama wouldn't let his son play football because of the violence....

He made his comment as a concerned parent.  I happen to agree with him completely.

Football is a violent sport, that has been shown to put its players in harms was of long lasting, and potentially life threatening injuries.  I think the Commissioner of the NFL, (Mr. Roger Goodell) is doing what he can to try to protect the players, but it is ultimately the players themselves that are ignoring the rules putting themselves directly in positions to permanently disable themselves for life.

Regardless, it is the players choice to do just that.  They get paid very very well for what they do, and they know the risks associated with the game.  As President, he is saying nothing more than many parents are doing though in sharing his concern about the violence of the sport.  He has the right to do that.  Growing up myself, I played all three sports, Basketball, Football and Baseball.  Clearly football was the most violent, and potentially harmful to the body.

Finally, as President of this country, he must also use the Military to protect our citizens, and if that means war, then that means war.  Every President takes the Oath of Office, and realizes that he/she may have to place our men and women of the armed services in harms way.  It is a part of the job he signed on for and was elected to do.  Therefore, it does not even remotely compared to his comments about the safety of a game of football.  I do not want a President, or leader of this country, who is NOT willing to do whatever it takes to protect the citizens of the United States.  I can't even fathom this country without our military personnel.

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