What camera is sitting next to your NEX?

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Re: What camera is sitting next to your NEX?

NomadMark wrote:

Curious to know, is your NEX your #1, or your #2? Or your only?

I have several cameras, but the NEX winds up being used the most, these days. I always have it on me, and the IQ is close too, if not as good as (at least at low ISO), my larger kit. In fact, I'm probably spending money I shouldn't be on NEX compatible lenses when I should be using it to futher my Canon glass collection...but the NEX is just more fun to shoot! I especially enjoy the manual focusing with focus peaking on range finder lenses.

Main bodies are a 5Dmk2 and a 7D...but it's hard to say the are #1 anymore.

Usual travel gear: D800 with the 24-120mm f/4 and NEX-7 with the 10-18mm f/4.

If I want to go light, I take NEX-7 with the 18-200mm or the 10-18mm, but sometimes with both zoom lenses.

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