BIF - can you make a silk purse out of a pigs ear?

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Re: BIF - can you make a silk purse out of a pigs ear?

mikes wrote:

Certainly no secret, I use Corel Painter 12 for painting and Corel PP OR PSPX5 for editing. Also used Vertus fluid mask for the extraction. I never use Photoshop unless I need the warping tools within that program.

Corel Painter is not an easy program to use, at least not at first. But when you get on to it, customize all your brushes and develop a style, it becomes an extension to your creativity. Not to mention, it is on sale now too! But try the 30 day trial first.

Thanks for the explaination Mikes.

Yes, I know Corel Painter, I had several versions of it, until IX.5.

After that, I discovered ArtRage. It is less powerful for some aspects, but has a very nice interface, much more intuitive than Painter, and in my opinion makes the worklow more fluid. Anyway I still use it rarely with photographs.

Congratulations for your painting skills.

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