Product Photography Lighting Question

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Re: Product Photography Lighting Question

I moved the lights back three feet and to the sides two feet.

Not ideal (should go further out toward the sides ideally), but I think it might have helped.

I did notice that moving the camera close to the subject caused the reflections of the lights to reappear:

But moving the camera away, like so....

....caused the reflections of the lights to disappear for the most part, probably due to the angle changing a bit.

I took the last one as I thought it was better and went ahead and did my usual post processing. Here it is:

A couple of small spots of light on it, but the best yet probably. If I can keep the results consistent, I think this has been very helpful.

Now I'm just debating if cutting the sides off on my cardboard 'table' at a 45 degree angle top to bottom would be helpful or not. The sides seem to block some light, not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing yet.

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