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Re: rx100 the one to beat?

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quality, video with zoom and without zoom motor noise, and an excellent lens.

I'll help fill in the gaps, since Sony fans probably won't.

I could be wrong, but I don't see anyone raving about the Sony lens. The sensor yes, the lens no. On the other hand, I have heard people raving about the LX7's Leica lens "magic" and sharpness end to end (but not its sensor).

That's because we Sony (new) fans understand the compromises needed to make this pretty amazing machine fit in our jeans pocket:)

Hey, I understand the psychology of being a fan. But it's only fair to disclose what's what. Especially big obvious glaring stuff. Otherwise one risks being just a fanboy. Understanding the compromises but not disclosing them to new buyers, especially big obvious compromises, is being a bit too fanboyish for my taste. Let's face it, most of these RX100 threads read like this thread.

The lens is very good, apart from the corners where distortion correction stretches the image and makes it softer. For an example of the extent of this at wide angle (where it should be worse), see the album called "Tests" in my gallery, I just uploaded a full size OOC jpeg (DSC01378) which demonstrates typical corner softness for my RX100. Others may vary! This was shot with everything at default apart from contrast-1 and sharpness+1. Others I hear set jpeg sharpness to +2 or 3 as it can take it well.

This is why no one raves about the RX100 lens. It doesn't sound like there's much to rave about. It sounds like a "meh" lens. Hey, a 1" sensor in such a small body, something has gotten give, and one of the biggest things is probably going to be the lens.

I'm interested in easy adjustments (external controls preferable) but can overlook the lack of this if the auto mode is solid.

If you are ok with auto mode, RX100 is probably perfect for you. If you like to control your camera, it is a back menu driven camera, so the ergonomics suck.

Others might be better, but the RX100 ergonomics don't suck, that's unfair. I've been using it with no frustration whatsoever.

Well, I would say ergonomics matters to a lot of people. Maybe just not you. But yes, when the RX100 essentially has no external manual controls, and apparently even the electronic menu is less than straightforward, it basically gets an F in that department compared to compacts with external controls. Just give it a fair score and let buyers decide for themselves how important ergonomics are to them. But don't backpedal on its ergonomics score. It is an awesome camera in many respects, I'll be the first to say that, but obviously not when it comes to ergonomics. Ergonomics is one of its most obvious compromises that makes it pocketable.

I'm waiting for the Fuji x20 to come out. I'm looking at the olympus XZ-2. Even considering the Pentax MX-1.

But any way I look at it, the rx100 is the one to beat. Is this really the case? Anyone have the RX-100 and any of the above cams? (Ok, in the case of the Fuji, it would be x10 since the x20 is not out yet).

Any rumblings of an update to the RX100 coming out any time soon?

Last nit that seems substantial enough to mention about the RX100 is apparently the image stabilization is not really geared up sufficiently for a 20 mp camera. So with slow shutter shots you'll probably be getting more like 10 mp of sharpness, but not 20 mp. Check for RX100 threads on image stabilization for more info if this is something that affects your shooting. I don't own the camera but there are RX100 owners talking about this.

I'm one of those who have talked about the RX100's not so great IS. It's a shame, you really can't go below 1/5secs handheld, while I can do this with all my previous cams (Canon G7, Canon SX220HS and Panasonic TZ7, the latter being the best, allowing to easily get sharp 0.5-0.6sec shots). That said, IS can't freeze your subjects' motion, only your hand shake. So I don't see it as a big deal after all compared to the leap in IQ it gives me.

Thanks for being fair and open on this last issue. Again, just disclosing the issues for buyers.

The RX100 is a great camera. So are the LX7, X10, X20, and all the other P&S compacts. Compacts are all about compromises. You just have to figure out what compromises you're willing to live with.

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