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Re: I'll get my coat ;-)

Truman Prevatt wrote:


Of course there is a difference between the art of photography and the technology of photography. Most of these issues did not exist in the film days because film is an analogue format. Leica, Sigma and Nikon have decided that the imperfect AA filters available for imagery cause more issues than they solve.

That does not mean you won't see aliasing artifacts in photographs from those cameras. However, there is a difference in taking images with those cameras and understanding the potential of aliasing distortion and denying that it exist or claiming aliasing distortion is in fact "detail."

I just bought a D800E - without an AA. However, I did so knowing what could happen and knowing the limitations of such a camera. At some point this argument will disappear since at some point the lenses will be the limiting factor and will act as an AA filter.


Honestly, I think calling the end result of the Foveon aliasing "false detail," although helpful in some situations, is a mistake, and not just because it gives a kind of bad impression. What is more accurate, as I see it, is considering the "result" of the aliasing with the Foveon sensor, which is that instead of Bayer mush at the limit, for the Foveon sensor there is a certain crispness at the limits, which frequently makes for a better looking (sharper) image. (If you like sharpness...) But with the D800 the sheer number of pixels works to minimize the mush problem.

And really, the level of detail and "resolution" of the current best resolving cameras (which includes the SD1 and DP2M and D800) is so astounding compared to prior cameras, including medium format film, that small issues of "aliasing" (unless it is a big ugly mess of a screen door...or for Foveon, heater vents with holes...) will hardly be noticed in a reasonably sized image.

I find it a horrible thought to somehow handicap the Foveon sensor with an AA filter, in the interests of what, exactly? Fairness? A desire for smoothness (whatever that means)? If someone is buying and SD1 or a DP2M the reason for the purchase should be to have a camera with an ability to capture the finest possible detail at reasonable, but not extreme, ISO, and with superb colors.


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