Samyang 14mm Chipped VS. Unchipped

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Re: Samyang 14mm Chipped VS. Unchipped

Crudzilla wrote:


I've been lurking on these forums a while and found some very useful information that eventually led me to purchasing a d600 (switching from Canon crop sensor). Now I'm after a super wide angle for landscapes.

I'm pretty much settled on giving the Samyang/Rokinon 14mm a shot. It's a bargain price and by all accounts a pretty amazing performer. I know some of you have this lens. My question is regarding the two versions.

I live in Japan. If I lived in the US then this would be a no brainer and I'd take the chipped lens. However, over here they only sell the unchipped version! That said, the unchipped version here is a mindboggling $320!! I can import the chipped version from Adorama where it costs $420 + $50 postage. This makes my decision $320 for the unchipped or $470 for the chipped, a $150 difference.

Now you see my decision is a little more complicated!

So those of you that own this lens or are familiar with unchipped lenses, could you tell me what exactly I would be missing by getting the unchipped version?

Would it make my life significantly harder shooting without the chip? (I notice that the chip is only available for Nikon mount so other brand users don't even have the luxury of this choice).

I'm not really bothered about loss of focus assist on such a wide lens that I'll be most likely shooting stopped down and close to infinity. I shoot mainly in aperture priority, will metering and shutter speed adjustments still be accurate in this mode without the chip?

Sorry for the long post, any comments much appreciated!

To offer an alternative experience, I use a non-chipped version on a 800e, Nex 7 and 1ds Mk2 and am perfectly happy with it. I prefer to use the aperture ring and have no interest in lens-based exif data or the focus confirm light (has the D800e got one?). I use other non-Nikon lenses with similar operation and it fits in with these as a common workflow. I am clearly in a minority on this though!

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