Am I missing something? (D800, liveview, aperture)

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Re: Am I missing something? (D800, liveview, aperture)

If I had to take a good guess, it would be that Nikon has suffered from feature creep on this camera. Trying to cram too much into a relatively cheap FF machine.

Nikon development teams (and all other company's dev teams) are given a certain budget for R&D and tooling of the manufacturing line. I've been a systems designer on $60 million production projects and have seen the vicious results from feature creeping (not caused by myself of course, haha).

Even the smallest of features require large quality assurance testing teams to make sure all the bugs are worked out to a reasonable level. That is a much larger undertaking than many people realize for something than may seem so simple.

If a feature does not meet production standards, they must decide to drop more money into the product or pull the feature all together. In this case, it seems Nikon could not make the feature work and decided it needed to ship soon and they likely were already over budget. This would be supported by the fact that the manual (which is often made long before shipping to make sure localization for language and other things are sufficient) states that such a feature exists yet does work.

The other issues of line skipping and excessive LV noise, were bad enough, and this just puts the nail in the coffin. By the way, you should be able to press the DOF preview button instead of altering exposure. This is how I do my work using Canon's system.

At the current time, until we see a firmware fix for D800, the Canon 6D is the king of Live View operation. Perfect one-handed controls, low LV noise, no line skipping, exposure simulation, and wifi to a smartphone, really just add up to something wonderful to use in the field with little to no limitations.

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