"To rebuild middle class, restore marriage"

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JulesJ wrote:

rjjr wrote:

JulesJ wrote:

Having a spot of trouble Rj? Do us all a service, take a rest from DPR, for a long time. You posts are all a negative drain on DPR and your exchange here proves it.

LOL...that from "Mister Start A Thread Specifically To Trash An Individual" you're in no position to tell anyone what to do with your posting record here.

Sadly your last thirty posts on this very thread show what a sad person you are. Throw as much abuse at me as you want, it won't change what you are. You have proved what a complete waste of space you are here on this thread with your childish, boring rant. You really are a spoiled kid aren't you? Give me your worst Rj. Or maybe take a rest from this forum and give us a rest.

Awwww, are you going to go start another thread about me now?


You've just proved right all those who have complained about your childish tactics.

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