Fisheye as your W/A lens?

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Re: Fisheye as your W/A lens?

Progress! Yes, I agree that it sounds like you are better off with a good wide angle rather than a fisheye. CErtainly it is easier to get a quick, good shot.

I also love stitching panoramas, there is something satisfying in the way that the computer does most of the work for you. I found that taking ultra wide shots then stitching means so much distortion, you lose bigger chunks to cropping, or distractions with the shapes if not cropping, so I personally try to stitch with at least a 24mm (FF) lens, or more. My stitched shots with a 16mm FF mostly don't seem to work well.

(I do stitch with a fisheye and Photoshop CS6, and when it works, it really works but it sounds like that won't suit you, and I do have occasional frustrations.)

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