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I don't really understand Zeiss' offerings

Well maybe I do, because Zeiss designed the 3 lenses mainly looking at the Sony Nex market (much larger than the Fuji X market), and there the 3 lenses, specially if they are high quality - will make sense.

In the Fuji  X world they will do to a much lesser extent: The 12mm is only marginally wider than the 14mm, and the 14mm seems to be an optically outstanding performer, similar to Zeiss famous 21mm Distagon. The latter costs more than 1500 bucks, therefore the price for the 14mm Fuji is ok.

So, some will be attracted by the slightly wider Zeiss, however the 32mm/ 1,8 is not needed in the Fuji system, that place is occupied by the outstanding and very popular 35mm 1,4 Fujinon. Hard to imagine that the Zeiss will surpass it in terms of quality.

The third is the most enigmatic one: 50mm F2,8 - sorry? Even if it is a macro, I do not understand. Much too slow for a prime lens. And too expensive for such a slow speed...

Already the Sony/Zeiss 24/1,8 made me wonder. A good lens, but in no way outstanding, considering the high price and the dirt cheap, but very good Sigma 19mm and 30mm. Those 2 lenses are now 200 bucks together! Specially the 30mm is a killer.

Bottom of the line: To me those 3 Zeiss for Fuji lenses don't seem like a formula for winning the Fuji- X customers over. Would they have brought a fast (f1,8 or F2) and excellent 85mm (corresponding to a 135mm lens, or a to quality portrait lens this spring, they would have won a lot of fans. Fuji apparently isn't making it's 56/1,4 as fast as many would wish, so... What is Zeiss waiting?

Ah, I forgot, that 50/2,8. Sigh.

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