New Epson r3000 prints darker than old Epson 4000

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Re: Some thoughts

Carolyn S wrote:

Thank you so much, Joe. That was very helpful. I was not able to afford the fancy one. I bought the one that seemed in the middle between the very expensive and the cheapest one. It is the colormunki display1. I am assuming that is the one you meant when you said CM Display. I don't know what the number 1 means, but that is the title Amazon gave it. I should get it tomorrow.


Here are some tutorial vids specific to the CM Display to get you going.

I have to tell you that when you are finished with your calibration, don't be alarmed when your monitor looks darker, lower in contrast and a bit warmer.

That's because the default settings are too bright, too contrasty and too blue.

It's too bad that I do not own an R3000 as I could then create profiles for you when you decide to explore the many papers available out there. Fortunately they also do provide ICC Paper profiles for most major photo printers.

Once your monitor is set up, then you can switch to have PS control color while choosing the correct ICC profiles and turning OFF control at the driver level.


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