Nikon D800! Best camera in the world!

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Nikon D800! Best camera in the world!

Let me say this; WOW! AMAZING! UNREAL!

Introduction;  They say; "The truth come's from a child's mouth." In this case from a young photographer. I started with photography about a year and a half ago. Feel free to look at my website to check out what i'm about. I was curious about all of the brands. Wanted to try and feel and test it all. Went from a Pentax K-5 (awesome camera) to a Sony A77 (intresting tech), to a D7000 (does he's job) to a D800.  I loved them all!

I am not a fan-boy. I don't care if you think i am ;). I am a fan of photography and a fan of camera's. I went from raving about the K5 to the A77 to the D7K. And now the holy grail of photography; The NIKON D800.

The reason why i went with Nikon? Professional work, availabilty, lens selection, support, flash system etc...  If Pentax would have been more popular in the market i would likely never have changed. Still love that K-5. Sony,..well. Same issue and although they make excellent camera's, i'm less a fan of their strategy and ideas. Why not Canon? Well i am a sucker for post processing and i wanted to have the most flexible raw files possible. Nikon had a clear edge. I guess those are fair points, right?  Nothing against Canon. Never owned one. I love my canon printer btw

Anyway back to the NIKON D800.  It was my big investment into professional photography. Keeping my D7000 as a back-up. My work lies in portraits basicly. but i do shoot anything else to make prints out of it and sale them,... if possible.

I mean, wow! This baby has it all. The feel. The smell. The built. The autofocus. And most important, you feel it coming because you know it, THE IMAGE QUALITY. It's just ludacris. Clouds dissapeared. Sunshine was born. Angels and angles came down from heaven and sang Haleluja! The image quality is a dream come true. It's all i will ever need and that makes me happy. This thing will keep me warm for a long time to come.

I wish i could complain about flaws. But honest to god? I'm unable to find them! Maybe it's my skills and flexibility to adjust to flaws without making a deal out of it. Maybe i take flaws for granted in a way and use my brains to work around them? Maybe that's life?  Maybe i take photos instead of looking for flaws? Maybe my copy is made by god himself?  I'm not sure. But god, does this DSLR everything for me like i want it to.

The reason why it is the best in the world really? It's the pinnacle of photography. Period. Heaven for anyone who care's about  raw image quality. The wet dream for anyone who love's a good DSLR. It's the defenition of a good DSLR. Look it up in the dictionairy; Define DSLR > you get D800 written all over the place. From taking photo's of models, or catching the movement of the dancers i shoot (thanks to the very good autofocus mind you), to taking pictures of my family at night, to making creative videos. The D800 handles it all. And handles it all with 5 stars. Yes. I'm in Love. Because i have so much fun taking photos or shooting video with this thing. And i am always excited to take my photos into lightroom and start adding my creative touch. It's a win win situation.

And on a side note. To all the people who find pleasure or have the need for whining about issues with their DSLR all day long, again, and again on 10 different forums every day.  Do some research before you buy something. Saves you alot of trouble, and money perhaps. And second; Learn how to use that great tool you spend alot of money on. Whining wont help you much. It's simply stupendous how some people can bitch and complain day in and out about something they decided to buy in the first place. Get a life and go out and take pictures. Appreciate the tool you bought and learn that nothing is ever perfect. I rememeber when i had my K5 the autofocus would make some trouble when i was shooting a dance performance. So i was like hey. ok i'll focus manual then. And had a blast and succes doing so

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