Blackmagic Cinema Camera (un)availability

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Re: Blackmagic Cinema Camera (un)availability

John Brawley wrote:

Francis Carver wrote:

Seems that Blackmagic had indeed been able to make and deliver about 24 copies of their camera last year, after which the proverbial tin bottom fell out on their manufacturing process, which they are now vehemently blaming on some "unnamed Asian parts supplier's" alleged failing. That is no good, no good at all.

You're wrong.

Where did you hear "unnamed asian part's supplier" from ? Link?? won't have one because it's totally wrong. I dare you to prove this one true....

Francis Carver is kind of right - This is as I understood what was the problem: I attended a presentation of the camera and it's comparison against the Canon 5Mk in Boston. The people from BMagic told my collegue and myself that there was a problem with the supplier of the sensors - the batch they got had a defect in them, basically the glass covering the sensor was messing with the image - and they were in a process of trying to work out with that supplier what would be done to correct it but with no resolution in sight. When I said that they were probably Sony sensors, the 3 BMagic people's looks on their faces told me they were from Sony. My feeling was they bought a bunch of sensors that had already been manufactured for their camera as BM probably never had the type of R&D funds to develop their own sensor and the supplier was not wanting to manufacture a whole new batch just for BM. So to a large degree, the hold on finishing out the manufacturer of the cameras was a sensor problem and thus a supplier problem.

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