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Chris Dodkin wrote:

rattymouse wrote:

BobYIL wrote:

Right in last September USD was about 78 JYen. Today it's hovering above 93. Euromarket is in recession. See how Nikon dropped the prices two times in the last six months.

To keep the production lines running they can not cut the quotas (otherwise it would be next to impossible to regain the markets) so they operate with loss or minute profit margins. Actually most of them are contented if they compensate for the overhead costs, especially the R&D to keep the new models oncoming; just to maintain our interest in their brand... Otherwise no chance to survive.

BTW following March there could be a new wave of price cuts..

The yen's fall has been dramatic. Good timing for me as I'll be in Japan next week for a 7 day holiday.

I keep wondering when Fujifilm's imaging division will report a profit. I've looked all the way back to 2005 and have not found any year where they made money selling cameras. Bizarre.

Given the ability for international manufacturers to move funds around between divisions, they may never show a profit on paper - nor see the need to ever declare one

A hypothetical movement of funds is just wallpaper over the problem.  Fujifilm states firmly that Imaging solutions does not make money. Quite the opposite, it loses money.  Full stop.  Yes, Fujifilm's divisions that actually show a profit might be used to cover the perpetually underperforming Imaging division, but that is just a band aid.  The reality is still there, will always be there, and since Fujifilm is a public company, we will always know about it.

Why cannot Fujifilm make a profit while Nikon (just released numbers show) can make money?

The X cameras are a dramatic improvement over the last chapter in Fujifilm's history.  But even that didnt take them into profitability.  What will it take if the X's cant do it?

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