X-Pro 1: No exposure compensation in Auto-ISO - is this a bug?

Started Feb 5, 2013 | Discussions thread
Bernie Ess Veteran Member • Posts: 7,018
Not understanding the issue

The reason why there is EC at all is to overcome the rather stupid metering system of virtually every camera. The camera cannot know whether your scene contains mostly bright or dark objects.

As the metering system isn't any smarter in Auto ISO, yes, exporsure compensation would still be needed. When I shoot in a shadowy place with just a few specks of sun coming into it, the correct setting in aperture priority would be -2/3 or -1EV, sometimes even more to get a credible exposure. If the camera exposes +/- 0EV, the shot will look way too bright.

So: Auto ISO will really need 2 things to get good.

1. A maximum shutter speed limit to set, to overcome stupid shutter times like 1/30s with a lens like the 18mm F2 (no OIS) and...

2. Exposure compensation working in Auto ISO.

Only then one will be able to shoot away and forget ISO completely.


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