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Re: G1X vs XE1 - query to Lmendy

Hi Lmendy,

Thx for your comment.  I too am very interested in the XE1, so I'd be interested in your observations.  I own a G12, a G1X and K5 DSLR and multiple lenses.  The DSLR kit is largish for long travel (even if it's not as large as a Canon or Nikon kit, as many of the Pentax Limited lens are tiny).  The only other camera that interests me is the XE1.  I bought the G1X before the XE1 was released and travelled with it extensively - I left the DSLR behind because of size and weight.  The reason the XE1 appeals to me (apart from excellent lenses and IQ) is the classic controls and ergonomics.  The interface just does everything so elegantly in a control sense.  What made you buy both having already bought the Fuji?

A great many people have commented about the high quality of the G1X IQ and the few who've bought the XE1 afterwards have said that the XE1 with zoom is better, but really only marginally - you have to pixel peep to see the improvement from the larger sensor.  You've said that you enjoy the colors from the XE1 in preference to those of the G1X, but how's the resolution?  Since I have a great DSLR kit and the G1X I'm having to think hard about buying into yet another system.  I suspect that the budget dictates that one of them has to go......

Thanks, cheers, Rod

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