Looking for a reliable replacement for a D200, asking for opinions...

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Re: Looking for a reliable replacement for a D200, asking for opinions...

yray wrote:

D300 is a natural replacement for D200. It is better in most regards. The rear LCD alone is worth the upgrade. The noise characteristics are better, the AF is better, some additional useful menu options (can't recall for sure anymore, but I think D200 may not have AF fine tune). The handling and body quality is very much the same, which is great.

Here is something to be aware of when buying used: dealers rate used merchandize pretty much on cosmetics alone, so you may buy a camera rated very high on cosmetics and looking like new, but when you check EXIF for shutter activation count you may be unpleasantly surprised. Did happen to me. Make sure returns/exchanges are accepted.

I have not used a D200, just got a D300. But when checking recently the differences were:

- sensor

- AF Tune in D300

- Liveview in D300

- Battery performance in D300 allegedly quite a lot better

- I think the 51 point AF is also new in D300


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