D5200 or D7000 for a newbie?

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NEWBIE - CHECK OUT SONY Re: D5200 or D7000 for a newbie?

dpho wrote:

Flinstoner wrote:

Hey there,

Finally making the plunge to get in to a DSLR, and think I've narrowed my choices to the two cameras noted above.... They're both in the same general price range, so I'm wondering your opinions on which one would be better for a new DSLR user.

Are there other cameras I've missed or should be considering instead?

Thanks in advance!

I have a D7000, I would avoid it
With the D7000 - We got good value out of it
but, it Has been in for service three times already
AutoFocus problems - and Image Darkness problems
If I were starting as a NEWBie -
I'd Go for the newer 5200 or a SONY-A38 OR A58
D5200 Benefits would be Screen articulating
and newer firmware plat form
Lower cost and more Mega pixels
Here is a BIG thing your are NOT told with NIkon- AUTOFOCUS =
It is a big issue is for a newbie
If I were you a newbie - I would consider
SONY - SLT A38 OR SLT-A58 - these new models
are coming out in April - just 90 days away for shipping
WHY SONY - - No Mirror Flipping - Full time SCREEN AutoFocus
The Video is OK too, plust you get more shot per second
since the mirror is transparent.
NIKON Autofocus - - You have to see this to believe it
Nikon has TWO separate autofocus systems on the Camera
1st - The Old School Viewfinder - having to
Sticking your eye up to the camera for every shot
look through the view finder -
This is Nikons Best AutoFocus on D7000 or probably the D5200 too but it still hangs
2nd - LIVE VIEW - Screen view - Looking through
the Screen 2.5+ inches - Nikons autofocus through the
screen hangs even more than the eyepiece view- It is very slow on D7000, it takes forever and does not work well in dark indoor events or a concert - Since this Nkon autofocus is all light contrast based

CONSUMERS NEWBIE are accustomed to setting up
photos with the screen view

SONY bought  out MINOLTA & KONICA so their solutions have heritage-

The Autofocus with this TRANSLUCENT Mirror is Quiet

(which does not have to Flip Up for shots and Loudly Click)

Allows the systemt to us ONE quality AutoFocus system

and twice a many shots per second - Giving you More photo versions to choose from

SONY A57  is shipping today - If you HAVE TO get something today  Check out Here current  Links - Best $500 you spend - Or Wait a month or two for the updated 24MP A58 unit


It's a great value - The Flash - Only buy the top model is $550

I would also Always recommend ONLY purchasing SAN DISK SD memory is  you do not lose

The extreme pro is the best and fastest model  - which keeps all your camera buffers clear or as clear as possible

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