No D400 or D7200 at CP+ sweepstake for nexr announcement date?

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Re: No D400 or D7200 at CP+ sweepstake for nexr announcement date?

astwood1285 wrote:

Roll up, roll up, place your bets...

So Nikon announced some P&S, an 18 - 35 with AF-S and at $17,899 the 800mm. What was missing were the D400 and/or D7200. So what's the best guess for the next announcment April, August, never? Let's record our guesses and kudos for th closest. Just to declare an academic interest I opt for April 1st 2013 (01/04/13 for the UK-ites or 04/01/13 for the US-ians). Over to the hordes...

When I bet, I bet high odds moneyshot.

So, D400:

- Same body as D300, but:

- 1.3 crop with 1.5 fast action crop

- 6 fps without grip, 8 fps with

-8fps crop mode without grip, 10fps with grip and crop mode

- 24mp 1.3 crop mode, 16mp 1.5 crop mode. (or whatever the optcial experts tell me MP is for that crop)

- Native ISO 100-6400, extended 50-25600

- price = 1,800 (cheaper than FF but added cost of 1.3 crop sensor vs 1.5 and D300 type mechanical excellence)

- announcement April 1, available July 1

And it will be snapped up by the hordes. Wont be able to really get one till next January because of demand.

How is that?

Oh and just will be followed two weeks later by the Canon 7D II,  a 1.3 crop mode 20MP 10 fps camera with pro build, selling for 1,750. Conicidence? 

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