So it seems as though there is a new E series camera on the way.

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Oh I know what is coming, I have worked it out :D

Not really.

I would like to see the EM5 sensor with a bit of the E-5 fairydust (that pixel sharpness that people are learning to love in the D800e, K511s etc. but so many loved to bin here)...

New AF array, all cross type maybe with a couple more points to make a point
Improved Video on the EM5, rumor was it the OMD was held back in firmware.
Tethering support
Microphone and headphone jacks

Even if AF was the same as the E-5 I wouldnt mind, but I would love the idea of them automating the AF calibration using PDAF, the PDAF would af, lift the mirror, and the CDAF would perform the check. It would then store the results.

Some cool to haves that would make a splash...

Adding some type of tilt / shift to the sensor. This would be very cool, and doable considering their new stabilization allows for these types of movement.

Customizable art filters... I know you guys think this is not cool. But mucking around with black and white settings along with the tone curve I have a beautiful black and white right out of camera... To my taste. Why not with other colour types... instead of their sepia, make your own, instead of their portrait, make your own.

And here is one that would upset some, but redesign the camera. The OMD's success could be partially attributed to its look, (same for the fuji x100, x pro) so think about a redesigned camera with a strong sense of style...

Well, lets see what happens.

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