Legacy Glass Market Dead?

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Re: Legacy Glass Market Dead?

fastprime wrote:

clengman wrote:

fastprime wrote:

There was a time a few years back when mounting MF legacy glass via adapters on MFT cameras was quite popular. My recent eBay selling experiences suggest to me that the market for legacy glass on MFT's is pretty much done.

Probably due to all the new excellent AF glass introduced by Oly and Panny (+others) recently.

Anyone else experienced this?

No I find the opposite to be true. When I bought my e-pl1 two years ago, KEH consistently had 6 or 8 pages of Canon FD lenses for sale, two or three pages were comprised just of the different variants of the fast fifties.

Now they're down to 2 pages of canon lenses and the prices have nearly doubled.

I'm curious about the selling experience you had that led you to your conclusion.

Since you're curious here's a link to the add (hope I'm not violating any rule here):


On the 100m f/4 macro, I think your price is a little optimistic. I looked at recently completed auctions for that item and with the FD50 extension tube they seem to be going for between $100 and $150 shipping included.

The Vivitar 75-205mm should fetch about $50, shipping included.

The Canon 50mm macro... maybe $75 shipping included.

It looks to me like you've priced everything a little on the high side. You've got some time. You might get lucky and get someone to bite, but like I said above, if you really want to sell them, auction them with no minimum and no reserve and make your shipping cost a little more reasonable. It shouldn't cost more than $15 to ship a lens. You'll get more action that way.

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