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Re: Wow, amazing responses from Nikonians!

While this might be considered "trash talk" against beloved Nikon, as a Nikon FX and Micro-Four-Thirds shooter, I hate to admit it, but...

The Olympus OM-D DOES have better and more reliable focus ability and more intuitive user display interface than the Nikon FX cameras.

You can tap any spot you want to be the focus point, even the extreme corners. The camera is able to amp up its CDAF and "LiveView" display to focus in much darker and less contrasty situations than the Nikons can. And it locks just as fast as Nikon's PDAF and rarely does it ever focus hunt. No front-focus, no back-focus, and no issues with field curvature of the focus plane. And if you manually focus a lens, the camera will zoom in automatically to help you get precise focus; a feature sorely lacking from Nikon's LiveView. And very fast and useful face detect, although some may consider that cheesy and amateurish.

Please note that this opinion is coming from a dedicated Nikon shooter of over two decades. My ultimate camera would be a mirrorless Nikon D800 with Olympus's or Panasonic's UI for LiveView focusing. No PDAF calibration problems, no fine-tuning lenses, no focus points crunched in the middle, no mirror-slap oil getting all over your sensor, etc.

While we become so fanboi'ish of our brands, we sometimes forget that other systems sometimes DO have better features. I was also disappointed with AF when I returned to Nikon; I shoot Nikon for the resolution, but its AF is like something out of the stone age. I can deal with it just fine, but I can understand other people's disappointment as well. Imagine the horror of realizing that a $1000 camera might actually have some better and more reliable features than a $3000 model?!?!?! That couldn't possibly be true!

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