What is the best camera for a beginner?

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Re: What is the best camera for a beginner?

Niki Luv wrote:

Please help me.

I think you need to state your objectives for your beginner's camera to get valid responses. Like:

  • budget?
  • camera size?
  • what do you want to take pictures of?
  • how much zoom do you want?
  • are you willing to change lenses?
  • do you want to point & shoot or learn how to use manual adjustments?
  • anything else you can add to clarify what you want to do.

Without knowing any of your objectives, I would recommend a Panasonic FZ200. It's what is called a bridge camera which has a fixed (not interchangeable) lens. It has a long zoom and will work well in full auto mode but will allow you to make all of the usual manual adjustments. It has an exceptional lens that retains a F2.8 aperture (lens opening for light to focus on the camera's sensor) throughout the entire zoom range. This is a rather large aperature which will let in a good amount of light even at when you zoom in to take wild life shots, etc. It also has the capability to accept an external flash via a "hot shoe", in case you advance and want to use an external flash.

The FZ200 received dpreview's "Gold award" and you can read about it here:


In case you're not familiar with dpreview's camera review format, click the down arrow head at the right of the white text box that says "conclusion" to view the entire review of the FZ200.


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