Square Format?

Started Feb 5, 2013 | Discussions thread
OP Hulamike Senior Member • Posts: 2,810
Re: Wow

Not really. I mention bemoaning the fact that I cant download apps directly to my D7000 for example. 4/3 is new territory for me. I assume a high rez camera like some of the Lumix combined with what are described as excellent lens choices means hardware is important. But you're right. I'm also talking about functionality on high end cameras. Seems silly that the lower consumer models are already becoming touch screen while the grand old dame, SLR, keeps lumbering along as always...and at a hefty price. I'm a pro and ALL my notions about photography have changed over the past two years. Why is the old 35 mm form factor still the holy graille? Remember how it came into being? Lots of 35mm movie film laying around after WWII. Hardly a reason to stay with old form and functionality concepts forever.

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