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Re: Real Estate Shoot C&C

Nice shot Michael. I do quite enjoy night shots too.

I have a D90 like you, I noticed you shot that at 10secs. Here's one of night-shots, also at 10secs exposure. Lens is my 10-20mm, at 14mm for this image:

Interior lights were on a dimmer for this house (very useful!), so i ran in every now and then and changed interior light levels according to the fading exterior light. Taken around 30mins after sunset by memory. A bit of hand-held flash during the shot, and the fountain WAS that exact color, i didnt change or enhance that at all -- its lit by a lot of LED lights embedded in the ground which cycle round different colors and so the water changes color every 15 secs or so. Pretty.    I think i actually ran up the stairs and hand-flashed the upstairs tree in the background upper balcony thing too.   10secs self-timer + 10secs exposure gave me 20seconds to do that, counting seconds off as i ran...

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