6D ISO 3200 equals 40D ISO 400

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Re: Example 6D ISO 3200 equals 40D ISO 400

Spad16 wrote:

Heres a couple of photos that I think show what Rune means

Thanks Good examples, Niel!

I was just about to post my own photos as an example of what I meant in my original post, when I saw your post. Here are my examples. All these images are shot in raw and processed with default NR in LR4.

This first one is a shot taken with my old 40D with window sidelight at ISO 400.

Second, a more random shot at ISO 3200 with my 6D in similar window sideligth, that I took the other day...

I think these two images are quite similar in terms of noise and grain. The ISO 400 one is maybe a bit cleaner, but I'd say that in everyday use ISO 3200 really usable! On the 40D ISO 3200 was really crap.

I everday photography I almost see no reason to go below ISO 1600 on the 6D. This shot is taken with a bounced 580exII flash and therfore quite sharp. When zoomed in, I can see almost no noise or grain. It resembles the pictures taken at ISO 100 + a flash on my 40D. Quite amazing

This last one is taken with my old 40D + bounced 580exII flash at ISO 100. Zooming in on the nose here (the eyes are a bit OOF), I'd say the lack of noise is similar to the 6D ISO 1600 image above.

So, yeah, I am quite happy with my 6D


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