Lumix GX1 or GF5? What are the pros & cons for smalll portable kit?

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Re: Lumix GX1 or GF5? What are the pros & cons for smalll portable kit?

Martin Krucinski wrote:

I am looking for a small, portable camera to take along everyday
when the Canon 5D II + 24-105 kit is too builky and heavy.

Since I want it small but with good image quality, I am considering the Lumix GX1 or GF5 (possibly GF3)
with the 14-42 PowerZoom lens, and possibly add the 20mm f1.7 later but not expand further than that.

What are the disadvantages / advantages of each camera and the lens choice for portable use?
The GX1 slighly bigger size probably does not matter much for practical portability...

Does the improved sensor in GF5 over GF3 equal the GX1 sensor in quality?

Which one has better video? Handling?

With the B&H price drop of GX1 to $319 recently, is the GX2 coming soon and should I wait????

Thanks for any advice!


Cant really answer all your questions but I have a GX1 and like it - I use it with the 20mm f/1.7 lens mostly.   Its a bit annoying sometimes not having a viewfinder but I can live with it.  I got mine very cheaply (£230 brand new in the uk - discounted because it was silver(!) and then the Panasonic £50 cashback on top) - for that sort of money its a no-brainer purchase frankly !!!

When I got the camera I was struck by the high quality finish - particularly the metal casing.   I bought one of those 1960s style brown leather cases to protect it (on ebay=cheap) ... with this its the first camera I have bought where the kids thought it looked vaguely stylish !!!

BTW did you consider the EF 40mm f/2.8 ?

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