rx100 the one to beat?

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Re: rx100 the one to beat?

Try It.

If you cannot get your hands on one, and even if you do for only a few minutes in a store, it's not enough for this model. I did, and suggest you order one on-line from a 30 day full refund policy dealer like B&H, Adorama, Willoughbys, etc. They all have been excellent for returns/refunds for me over the years.

Docno just passed his 7 days for his new RX1, and likes it but is still unsure about it, so I would say 7 days is not enough, you will need to mess with it to decide if you can make it handle well enough for you, it definitely has a learning curve.


I leave red eye reduction off, I think it focuses and shoots faster/better, and use auto fix later, unless I want someone's true eye color, then no flash, or, red eye reduction on. Others who use red eye reduction on can say more.

Panorama Zoom,

yes, it is very good, and you do not need to do a huge sweep, so the proportions of the shot do not have to be too wide. Also, turning the camera vertically, and sweeping sideways gives a very nicely proportioned shot. Exposure is fixed at the beginning of the sweep.

Zoom.        (If you shoot only RAW, stop reading).

I carry on about zoom, because I thought the camera was very limited at 100 mm, and want everyone considering it to know and see how good the other zoom features are. (I gave my Canon SX10 IS 20x optical zoom to my son after using mine for a while).

You saw my posted zoom examples, here is the written description of the 4 zoom modes. Those that advocate cropping for extra zoom usually shoot in RAW, cannot use other Jpeg only zoom modes, and likely have not tried it. Others have tried it and don't like it.

To get extra zoom, I mostly shoot at 10 mp, and can see the zoom factor on the zoom bar on the lcd screen, as it changes: optical to 3.6x 100 mm; extended optical to 5.1x 142mm; and clear zoom to 10x 280 mm. You can stop at optical 3.6 easily and keep going to extended optical and into clear zoom if you want/need to.

Occasionally, I shoot at 20 mp. clear zoom goes to 7.2x  202mm if I want some of it.

Keep in mind, the exposure metering, and focus, of the intended portion within a wide shot, may be better if zoomed rather than set for the wide shot and cropped later.

XII        ZOOM                          4 types available (only for Jpegs)

The icon and zoom bar on the screen changes in accordance with the zoom type you use.

A: Optical Zoom at Image Size L (20mp) 3.6x     28mm to 100mm

Face Detection works in Optical Zoom only

Optical Zoom Only for: Smile Shutter, Self-portrait, RAW or RAW & JPEG

B: Extended Optical Zoom,

no deterioration in the original image quality, (by trimming image processing).

Image Size M (10mp) 5.1x          28mm to 142mm

Image Size S (5mp)   7.2x          28mm to 202mm

VGA size   (0.3mp)    28x           28mm to 784mm (sounds crazy, but try it, lcd looks like crap, take the shot, omg)

C: Clear Image Zoom              ‘near optical’ zoom (double the extended optical zoom ranges)

Image Size L  (20mp)   7.2x        28mm to 202mm

Image Size M (10mp) 10.0x        28mm to 280mm

Image Size S (5mp)   14.0x        28mm to 392mm

VGA size  (0.3mp)     54x           28mm to 1,512mm   (it is insane, the shot I just got)

D: Digital Zoom                        Less than the original image quality

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