Germany wants the gold back!

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Re: Germany wants the gold back!

28to70 wrote:

See if you get this picture. Germany has tons of gold stored in New York City and for some reason they want it back. Why would they want it back now is interesting. Maybe German jewelers are running out of gold for their rings. Who knows, right? Me, I'm such a cynic. I'm such a cynic I can't stand myself.

So anyways, we Americans are telling the Germans that sure you can have your gold back, but it's going to be delivered to them over a period of 7 years. Any of you have any ideas as to why the Americans are putting the Germans off for 7 years? Like maybe we don't have it? Like maybe we gave it to China? Like maybe the Fed leased it out? Oh my goodness, how could this be?

A lot of it still has to be mined. Some complicated forward purchase contract that is behind the unrealistically high gold price.

South African mines are happy with the price but the miners are tired of not sharing in the action 

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