Just about finished with RX1

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Re: Just about finished with RX1

becasabot wrote:

Christine Edwards wrote:

I got the Gariz half case. It was recommended by Steve Huff on his website: www.stevehuffphoto.com

I's more for looks than protection. It also came with a lens cap holder that is very helpful.

I use a Lowepro Apex 110 AV which is extremely versatile, yet smallest possible to hold everything together, camera, accessories, cards, filters, extra batteries and even a charger if you wish. It has a sturdy belt loop and opens away from the body, has even rain cover in a recess, you can put the EVF on and it will have no problem.

There is a discontinued Case Logic I have which is just a bit more compact but again with tons of pockets for extras.

I like Gariz case a lot, however it is more of a cosmetic touch than a case as you stated, it even has a lens hood cover ! However on the other hand I think it may serve well for protection against small hits and abrasion, don't you think so? And it seems to improve grip with the added height due to metal baseplate. Shotgun cord is also a clever addition. An RX1 clad in Gariz case stilll requires another case but I like the black one nevertheless.

Many thanks looks like the apex is a good option, I will try and get one this weekweekend



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