X-Pro 1: No exposure compensation in Auto-ISO - is this a bug?

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Re: X-Pro 1: No exposure compensation in Auto-ISO - is this a bug?

viking79 wrote:

wchutt wrote:

It is not a bug or oversight. In manual exposure mode you manually adjust the aperture and/or the shutter speed to change exposure with your fingers. The using the EC dial is redundant and unnecessary.

You are confusing exposure with ISO. Only shutter speed and aperture determine exposure.

This is the old school film shooting with fixed ISO train of thought that no longer applies to digital.

Technically, it is correct. Only shutter speed and aperture that control "Exposure" but ISO controls image brightness and is a parameter adjustable by the camera and is critical to your final image.

This means all digital cameras need two new modes. ISO sensitivity priority and Shutter Speed Aperture Priority. The first isn't all that important, but the second one is critical to many styles of shooting. These modes were not possible on film since ISO was fixed by what film you loaded in the camera.

Fuji decided to half implement Shutter Speed Aperture Priority by implementing a pseudo manual mode that allows Auto ISO but not EV +/-, making a sort of useless mode. So although EV +/- doesn't quite make sense in a technical sense (you aren't changing "exposure") you are changing the final brightness of your image by an equivalent amount so you are in fact changing the exposure value by changing the ISO.

http://www.fredparker.com/ultexp1.htm#EXPOSURE FACTOR RELATIONSHIP CHART B

Looking at an EV chart that includes ISO, it is easy to tell that if I dialed in +1 EV of change in Shutter Speed Aperture Priority mode that the only correct solution would be to increase the ISO by a factor of 2.

This feature is half implemented on Fuji until they decide to fix it. Technically it isn't a bug since they don't advertise that feature, but an issue with the requirements for the camera. They need to correct the requirements. I am sure the camera is verified against them, but it isn't validated. I.e. the camera meets internal requirements, but doesn't really fulfill the point of having auto ISO in "manual" mode.


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This is a very good explanation.

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