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Re: Obviously not long enough

AngryBird wrote:

to justify my cool aid comment. I made that comment based on how people who have any negative criticism of this sensor are treated on this forum.

And whose fault is it? You need to understand your audience in order to be understood. This forum is not the right place for a blunt criticism. The main users of this forum share common passion (for the lack of better word) in Foveon technology. They are like a family and every family is different and none is perfect. What would you do if some stranger came to your house and start criticizing your furniture, your car, your wife, your kids and asking if you were drinking cool aid before making your choices? This is the same thing. On this forum, you are not just criticizing Foveon, you are incidentally criticizing (attacking basically) choices and intelligence of others who invested in Sigma. I am not saying you can’t express any negativity about Foveon and Sigma cameras on this forum, but you need to be more tactful in doing this. Just like criticizing anything else in front of its owners.

Very nicely put, AngryBird.

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