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Re: If you are just getting into photography.....

Everdog wrote:

nevercat wrote:

But with the cheaper cameras, you will miss the EVF, a very handy device I do miss on my Nex5 from time to time.

Unlike the old NEX 5, you can add an EVF to a PEN at a later time. There is something to be said for being modular.

True, can you show me the EVF that will fit on the first Olympus mirrorless camera the EP1? So much for modular design I think...
And I was answering that an EVF is a great thing to have, so the slightly more expenswive "High end" models are maybe a better choice then having to spend extra monney on a sepatate VF, both for the Ceaper Oly's as for the Sony cameras.
My thought is: when you want a EVF go for the camera with the build in one, dont go for a separate one, that you can loose, that can get broken that can be left at home when you need it...

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