Pentax confirms FF camera !

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Re: Pentax confirms FF camera !

Equals Nothing wrote:

Greg Lovern wrote:

My reading between the lines is that they've probably been working on it for some time, but it's close enough to production now that they've decided it's time to stop the denials.

What's interesting is that this could be the reason they have been so dry since Ricoh took over. How many times have we heard people mention the new K5 isn't even a real new camera, that the K30 was basically a first gen K5? Perhaps their resources have been tied into something a bit bigger?

I would bet a nickel that they've been working on mirrorless FF. That would give them something unique in the market (for a while anyway), a position they've often said they try to achieve.

It would also help explain the K-01 -- "let's get some experience in the mirrorless market before the main event".


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