Processing with RPP

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Re: Processing with RPP

Hi, here a slightly modified set of actions with two places which allow you to affect the strength/breadth of the mask via levels making it much easier to use the automated actions on a variety of images:

As before prerequisite: 2 layers: "Background" = RPP and "Layer 1" = AccuRaw or JPEG

- The first time the levels slider affects the greyscale image prior to it being converted into the find edges mask
- The second time the levels sliders allows you to control the find edges image layer itself
In both cases changing the value and then pressing ok continues the action

2) Add HighPassSharpening to R-A-2
The sharpening action remains the same

3) Undo R-A-2 and HighPassSharp
Resets the picture back to the start point of two layers "Background" and "Layer 1" at 100% opacity if both previous actions have been run . . . (try again!)

Cheers, Mark

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