Square Format?

Started Feb 5, 2013 | Discussions thread
OP Hulamike Senior Member • Posts: 2,810
Re: Wow

Pure guess Victor. As more pros are forced to adopt video along side still capture it seems logical to go with a small lightweight system to do it. I'm also influenced by recent video blogs by Will Crockett where he formally dumps Nikon in favor of Lumix for hybrid shooting, his phrase for stills/video assignments like weddings. He claims the video is superior to Nikon.

I'm also an avid iPhone photographer and see clearly that a touch screen and downloadable apps is the future for any camera manufacturer. Its rediculous that I cant download a square format app from Nikon right now for my $3000 DSLR. I can for my $69 iphone! The genie's out of the lamp. No turning back now.

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