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If you are just getting into photography.....

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Hi!. I have enjoyed your inputs for over many months. . I was set to buy a nex 6 or 5r but then started reading about the Oly omd em5. Saying how much better it is compared to nex camera ,This and that. Well I'm no pro but want to get into photography mostly taking pictures of my kids (3 &10) vacation,and many concerts(indoor). So what's your take on these two cameras(nex 6 vs OMD)? Lets say with the 35 1.8 lens and the oly 45 1.8 on the omd?all the reviews glorifying the omd is with a prime lens,but what about a nex with a prime on?thanks for your time

I would not recomend starting out with an OM-d or NEX6.

These are complicated, expensive cameras that have many, many settings. Misadjustment of any one of which will frustrate your growth as a begginer. These boards are full of questions from eexperieneced photographers having baffling problems with high end cameras.

It is much better (and less expensive) to start off with an entry level model and kit lens than a complex high end model. You will also save funds that you can use to buy lenses which is much more important than having the latest sensor or features and only one lens.

Look at an E-pl2 and get a manual 50mm lens with adapter (about $350.00) so you can learn about Depth of Field, etc. You can add a 40-150mm zoom for only $99.00 if you wish.

The photo's will be fine. Check out the E-pl2 review here on DPR.


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