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Sony 35mm as good or better as the Leica 25mm...

Everdog wrote:

From my post below:

Let's compare similar lenses (approx 50mm Effective focal length):

The Sony 35mm OSS F1/.8 lens which costs $459 on Amazon right now vs. The Leica 25mm F/1.4 lens that costs $499 on Amazon right now.

Both are stabilized

In fact, the sony lens is stabilized on every nex body, but the Leica is not stabilized on a lot of the m43 cameras.

The Leica offers a wider aperture and will perform better in low light. The Leica is by far the higher quality lens

Well can you show me a review that support your claim? I've tried to find a review that compared both lenses. The onlything i could find was this test of the sony 35mm lens:

and a review of the Leica lens here:

Lets compare some facts:

CA of the Sony lens is at the worst about 0.7 pixels
CA of the Leica is at BEST 1.21 pixels going up to 1.94 pixels

Photozone tells about this:
The CAs reduce the subjective sharpness
(end quote)

The Sony lens has for resolution a very good (at 1.8) to outstanding across the frame at f4...

Maybe the leica lens is here a little bit better, but would anybody see that in real life?

that you will want to use for decades. It is in the same league as the $1100 NEX Zeiss lens while the 35mm NEX lens is not.

These lenses are both very good, tests proof it.

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