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Re: Excellent set of images, nikonshooter!

t.c. marino wrote:

hoping sony has the guts to produce a ff 24mp nex camera with fast pdaf and short blackout time.
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Trust me, you are not the only one hoping for this. Funny enough, the most negative comments about a possible future FF NEX come from other Sony shooters, namely a loud group of A-mount people. Every time the issue of a FF NEX is brought up, this group is whining and nagging about all the place. Gets kinda tiresome and embarrasing for me who shoot both E and A-mount (NEX-5N and A77). I find the climate at the NEX forum more relaxed and less aggressive than on the Sony DSLR/DSLT forum.

Well, enjoy your NEX and legacy glass! I am pretty sure we have only seen the beginning of the actual potential of the NEX system.

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