Legacy Lenses - the good... the bad... the ugly?

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Re: Adapter in - Pics from Super-Takumar 55mm@f2

bedhead wrote:

"IMHO there are no ugly legacy lenses. Through a process of natural selection, the ugly ones have been thrown away even at the flea market."

You sir, are a genius. I love that.

But seriously, masking has to happen to sharpen/enhance the subject without stomping all over the beautiful fuzz that legacy lenses are great at.

Well, to be more specific. If you don't have multicoating you avoid flare with a hood.

Or else you move in respect of the subject, and the Sun. Or you wait for the good hours of light, dawn and sunset. Perhaps not very practical, but environment friendly.

There are plenty of woods being captured by Russian lenses. Perhaps owners are good at capturing the shadows, or branches render well.

So bit by bit you discover the personality of a lens.


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